Golf Channel Bio

Robbie Biershenk is a laid-back Southern boy and he knows it.  On the golf course, however, Biershenk is all business.  The owner of Shank’s Golf Range and Learning Center and younger  brother of Nationwide Tour professional Tommy Biershenk, Robbie has deep passion for the game of golf and a business acumen that speaks volumes.

Robbie took ownership of the once decrepit facility five years ago.  Through a lot of hard work, determination and some creative marketing – just ask Robbie and he’ll tell you – he is slowly changing the image of the facility’s past into one that is becoming the envy of the community.

“I want to make my golf range the best place to practice in South Carolina,” said Robbie.  “I’m giving 110% of my time and effort to make it the best it can be for my customers.  It has been a long process, but between my two brothers and me, we have a business plan that is guaranteed for success.  Once I get the range to a place where I want it to be, I plan on following in Tommy’s footsteps and making it on TOUR.

Robbie’s short term plans for the range includes launching “Biershenk Golf School” with his brothers.  Long term, Robbie plans to start competing on the mini-tour circuit to gain valuable experience in taking that next step towards his goal.

So why is he competing on Big Break Indian Wells?  “To prove to myself and to the world that I have what it takes to compete with my brother on TOUR,” said Robbie.  “Our plan is to eventually travel together on the PGA Tour and take the world by storm.”